CALA is a non-profit organization established to bring together artists, architects, engineers, planners, developers, builders, designers, politicians, and the public in a discourse about urban life. 

CALA, the Center for Architecture and Urban Design Los Angeles, is a non-profit organization that exists to provide a community center for everyone interested in assuring the quality of the built environment.

Who is CALA for?

A home for the AIA | LA, A+D Museum and other organizations to enhance the visibility and importance of issues related to the built environment.
A place that educates, inspires, and engages the public and our elected leaders about the Los Angeles built environment.

Why is CALA important?

More than half the world’s population now resides in cities. It is time to bring our best minds together to envision our urban future. Los Angeles presents a unique laboratory for addressing the challenges that face the modern metropolis—aging infrastructure, suburban flight, increased demands on public systems and changing demographics. CALA will add value by creating a new Design Commons that provides an interactive meeting place to advance and promote the built environment, and create a venue where multiple organizations and individuals transcend professional boundaries to share ideas, interests, concerns, and solutions to issues of the built environment.

WHAT will CALA do?

CALA: Connect, Advance, Lead, Advocate.


  • Engage public, professional and civic leaders in our shared urban future and relationship to each other as Angelenos.
  • Reveal the diversity, brilliance, and complexity of Los Angeles.


  • Inform on issues, challenges and opportunities impacting the built environment and the city.
  • Educate through continuous learning programs how to promote LA’s positive evolution.


  • Inspire ideas, action, and discourse in all aspects of our urban and built environment.
  • Lead transformative ideas with global impact through the urban petri dish that is LA.


  • For new ideas and positive policy impacting the social and physical form of LA.
  • For iconic places, spaces, and people that make LA what it is (old, new and future).

Download our FAQs here.

CALA will bring together a vibrant community of thinkers, designers, activists, and citizens to engage together in the metropolitan future we want to create.
— Scott Johnson, FAIA, Past President, CALA